Today’s Best Friday Find

The weather is getting warmer which means that most Friday mornings you will find me loading up the kids and my Mom (AKA my Yard Sale PIC) and heading out to find what new yard sale treasures await us.

I love to shop and I also love really good bargains which means that yard sales are pretty much my best friend. And my kryptonite. I drive, my Mom navigates and we bribe the kids with goldfish and suckers. Truly, it is an awesome time had by all.

Today’s best deal, with out a doubt is this fantastic pair of shoes:

shoes 1

Brand new, never worn, Nike Relentless 2 Running Shoes. Suggested Retail Value of $59.99.  Guess how much?  $10? That would be a good deal!  $5? That would be a GREAT deal.  But no, this was a FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC deal…  50 cents.  Yep, 50 cents!

Shoes 2

Now really, I should turn around and sell these puppies on eBay.  But they were a size 9.  My size!  I am pretty sure the shoe gods were smiling on me today and they knew I NEEDED one more pair of shoes because I always need 1 more pair of shoes. Thank you shoe gods, I accept and will wear them with a spring in my step!

Happy Friday!