5 thoughtful and inexpensive anniversary gift ideas

Mike and I celebrated our 8 year anniversary yesterday!  As we were eating dinner last night he said, “It seems like we have always been married but also that we were dating just a year or two ago”.  Isn’t it funny how your brain does that?  I think it’s because when you are super close to someone you feel them in every part of your life but time in general just goes so fast and the years can easily fly by. Especially when you are having fun!

One of my favorite quotes for Mike and I is from Game of Thrones (shocker, right? ha ha).  It isn’t sappy or super deep but it is simple and true. Ygritte says to Jon Snow: “You’re mine and I’m yours. And if we die, we die, but first we’ll live.”  It reminds that life is ultimately short and unpredictable and so we need to really live. We need to have fun, go on adventures, spend quality time together, talk to each other, and laugh.

I was thinking of all our “living” we have done over the past 8 years and decided to make him this fun video using flipagram showing some of our best moments. I used the song “Love Don’t Die” by The Fray which I am totally in love with right now and I think has great words.

He loved it! He watched about 10 times last night! And so did I. 🙂  And the greatest thing was that it was free! The other cool thing is that although we are not too big about sappy Facebook love professions, we were able to share it with our family and friends. Many of them have been part of our journey and many were in the video.

5 anniversary gifts

Which led me to think of some other inexpensive but thoughtful gifts that would be great for an anniversary.  Here are my top 5:

1. Flipagram video – make a video of your wedding pictures, of all your adventures, of your favorite moments as a couple, or all of those things combined! Pick the perfect song (you can pick from theirs or use one of your own), customize it, and combine it all together. Then you can share it with your partner publicly or privately.

2. Make a mixed tape – well, maybe not a mixed tape but it is the same idea.  Make a playlist or a CD that they can play in their car, at the office, or whenever they like and think of you. You could include favorite songs from when you were dating, or songs that you feel describes your relationship, or songs from all the concerts you’ve been to. There are a ton of possibilities and all are thoughtful and romantic.

3. Love Quotes – find a quote that you love for your relationship or that you feels describes your partner.  It can be from a book, a song, a movie, the bible, or a historical quote. It can be long and sappy or short and sweet. Use PicMonkey, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher or any other program you like to design a print (or search google images for the quote you like and you can almost always find a pre-made printable). Then print it on your printer or at your favorite print shop and put it in a frame.  One of the great things is that you can make it the perfect size for a special a spot on your wall, their office, night stand, etc. And since it is so in expensive you don’t mind switching it out when a new quote speaks to your soul.

Here are a few quote prints I have in our bedroom (f you click the picture, it will take you to a pdf of these four quotes that you can print out).

Bedroom pic collage

A few of my favorite quotes, besides the ones pictured above are:

“A thousand years go by but love don’t die” – The Fray

“No matter where we go
Or even if we don’t
And even if they try
They’ll never take my body from your side” – The Fray

“I have found the one whom my soul loveth” – Song of Solomon 3:4

“You’re pretty much my most favorite of all time in the history of ever”

“When I saw you I fell in love and you smiled because you knew”  – William Shakespeare

Click here for a Pinterest Search that brings up lots of great love quotes.  Many of them already designed and ready to print off.

4. Personalized Card – I am not a huge card person.  They seem like a lot of money, usually with a cheesy message, for something that will get thrown away. One exception to that though, is a card that is very personal.  One of my favorites I’ve seen is a card that says, “I have loved you for ____ days”. Isn’t that sweet? Write a a sweet note inside such as, “and each day I love you more”.  The card alone is enough but it would be extra sweet on a mixed CD. 😉

To make a card like this, go here and enter the important dates and it will calculate how many days that is. Pretty cool right?  I didn’t use our anniversary date, I used the date I knew I loved him and made this cute card using PicMonkey:

loved you for days


5. Personalized Coupon Book – no matter how thoughtful we are, it is really hard to keep up with the special extras. A coupon book offering there favorite “extras” is a great present.  You can print a free book from I Heart Nap Time here with super cute coupons for all the standard items like breakfast in bed or a back massage. And while those are great and appreciated, I think it would be more special and fun to make ones that unique to you and your partner.

It’s funny how life and your priorities change because the things that would be special extras to me now are much different than what I would have liked 5 years ago.  Some of the coupons I would love to get are:

For a night off from cooking dinner (and I don’t mean dominos)

Free from handling bath time – so I can just sit down on the couch and relax and watch whatever I want while some else takes care of getting two adorable little boys, who hate to have their hair washed,  squeaky clean.

One morning where the house is quiet and I can sleep in – without feeling guilty. Of course the guilt part is on me. 😉

One free day, kid free to do anything that I want and come home to a clean house <— oooh, that sounds awesome!

What is it that your partner would enjoy the most? Would he love a day of watching football with no nagging? Would he love to have a guys night? Is there a special meal that he loves and you hate to cook? Whatever it is, make a coupon for that and make him feel loved and special.

Here is a free template (just click on the picture below). I would recommend printing it on cardstock to make them more durable. Then cut them out, write on your coupons and tie a ribbon around them to make a super special, super cheap gift!

Free Printable Anniversary Coupons

DIY No Sew Bunting

I think I have mentioned it before, but one of the skills I am embarrassed to admit that I can’t do is sew.  I just never learned how to more than a button…  My Mom is a very good seamstress, and my sister definitely hold her own, and I can barely thread a needle. It is on my to-do list {for when I get a little extra time, ha ha, yeah right!} and maybe, hopefully, 2014 will be the year!

Given my incompetence of this domestic skill, I am always looking for ways to make really cool things with out the need for sewing.  And when I found myself wanting bunting for my Denver Bronco Game Day Wreath, I knew I needed to figure out a way to do it that didn’t require me to beg my Mom.

Luckily, I was successful! Yay! And here you go:  DIY No Sew Bunting.

DIY No Sew Bunting Suppllies

Supplies you will need:

  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Iron {not pictured}

To start, decide how large you want the flags of the bunting to be.  For my wreath, I decided that I wanted them to be about 4″ so I cut a 5″ strip of fabric. If you want longer flags, decide on length of the flag you want, then add 1″.

DIY No Sew Bunting flag width

Fold your fabric in half, then in thirds.  If you want taller, thinner flags, fold the in half and then in fourths.

bunting folds


Cut fabric from the middle to the outside edges about 3/4″-1″ from the top.

DIY No Sew Bunting cut

Now unfold fabric, lay it flat, and fold over the top edge. It should be about half the width from the top flag indention. If you fold it over and it hangs below the top indention, adjust your fold so it stops a little higher. Iron the fabric on the fold to create a strong crease in the fabric.

DIY No Sew Bunting iron

After you are done, use a very thin line of hot glue to secure the fabric that is folded over. By thin line, I mean THIN LINE! if you add a thick line or big dots of glue, it will be obvious on the front side of fabric and will make it harder for the the bunting to hang smooth.

DIY No Sew Bunting hot glue

photoDIY No Sew Bunting 2

Walla! You’re done! Now go hang that gorgeous bunting on the wall, on a wreath or anywhere that needs a little party!  I am going to be hanging mine all over the house to decorate for the XLVIII Super Bowl!! 😉

{more pictures to be up soon!}

DIY Team Game Day Wreath

It is really easy (and inexpensive) to make a game day wreath in your favorite team colors! Obviously, my favorite team is, the best team ever, the Denver Broncos. 😉  And during last year’s preseason I decided that I must make 2 new things: a game day wreath and a game day blanket {blanket to be up soon!}.

I have actually made 2 Bronco game day wreaths {funny story! You can read it here (coming soon!)}.

DIY Game Day Wreath1 GreenishPink.com DIY Game Day Wreath GreenishPink.com

To make your own game day wreath, you will need the following supplies:

Game Day Wreath Supplies - GreenishPink.com

  • straw wreath (or any type of wreath form, i.e. Styrofoam, pool noodle, etc )
  • 2.5″ wide ribbon for the wreath. This will be the main color of the wreath.
  • 1.5″ wide ribbon for the bow. You can use more than one color and or size.
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks

To start, secure the end of the 2.5″ ribbon on the wreath and then tightly wrap the ribbon around the wreath overlapping the ribbon just slightly. {I didn’t take a picture of this step but you can see it here on In My Pink High Heels}.

To make the bunting, follow these steps then secure it on each side of the wreath with hot glue. You can make the bunting out of more than one fabric to add layers if you like. In the second wreath I made, I made bunting out of Bronco fabric, orange felt and dark blue felt and layered them on the wreath.  I loved the look!

Then make a big bow out of the 1.5″ ribbon – you can make a simple bow or a larger, fancier bow {both look great!} – and then secure it to the wreath.  I used hot glue and a couple straight pins to secure it just to make sure the loops laid then way I wanted.

That’s it! Now put it on your door and start cheering for your favorite team!