DIY No Sew Bunting

I think I have mentioned it before, but one of the skills I am embarrassed to admit that I can’t do is sew.  I just never learned how to more than a button…  My Mom is a very good seamstress, and my sister definitely hold her own, and I can barely thread a needle. It is on my to-do list {for when I get a little extra time, ha ha, yeah right!} and maybe, hopefully, 2014 will be the year!

Given my incompetence of this domestic skill, I am always looking for ways to make really cool things with out the need for sewing.  And when I found myself wanting bunting for my Denver Bronco Game Day Wreath, I knew I needed to figure out a way to do it that didn’t require me to beg my Mom.

Luckily, I was successful! Yay! And here you go:  DIY No Sew Bunting.

DIY No Sew Bunting Suppllies

Supplies you will need:

  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Iron {not pictured}

To start, decide how large you want the flags of the bunting to be.  For my wreath, I decided that I wanted them to be about 4″ so I cut a 5″ strip of fabric. If you want longer flags, decide on length of the flag you want, then add 1″.

DIY No Sew Bunting flag width

Fold your fabric in half, then in thirds.  If you want taller, thinner flags, fold the in half and then in fourths.

bunting folds


Cut fabric from the middle to the outside edges about 3/4″-1″ from the top.

DIY No Sew Bunting cut

Now unfold fabric, lay it flat, and fold over the top edge. It should be about half the width from the top flag indention. If you fold it over and it hangs below the top indention, adjust your fold so it stops a little higher. Iron the fabric on the fold to create a strong crease in the fabric.

DIY No Sew Bunting iron

After you are done, use a very thin line of hot glue to secure the fabric that is folded over. By thin line, I mean THIN LINE! if you add a thick line or big dots of glue, it will be obvious on the front side of fabric and will make it harder for the the bunting to hang smooth.

DIY No Sew Bunting hot glue

photoDIY No Sew Bunting 2

Walla! You’re done! Now go hang that gorgeous bunting on the wall, on a wreath or anywhere that needs a little party!  I am going to be hanging mine all over the house to decorate for the XLVIII Super Bowl!! 😉

{more pictures to be up soon!}