All Original Parts Sign – Free Printable!


About a year ago, I had a friend ask me if I could give her some decoration ideas for a 60th birthday party for her father-in-law.  I, of course, happily obliged! I mean, what do I like more than party planning? Besides coffee, probably nothing! The fun thing about this party for me was 1) I knew the honoree (he used to be my boss at my first real job out of college) and 2) I wasn’t actually doing any of the work.  I was just giving her ideas and helping her get the right “feel”.  She was either going to do the work or hire other people to do the work.

To make it a little easier to convey my ideas, I started a Pinterest board (you can see my other ideas here). She used a lot of my ideas and the party turned out great! The two things that she asked me to do were the invitations and the “Made in 1951” sign (except as 1953).


Since then, the “Made in 1951” sign has continued to be popular on Pinterest.  It is one of my pins that gets re-pinned the most! Not a surprise really, it is really cool. 😉  The only super duper bummer is that the link that I pinned it from is gone – it’s completely vanished! I have searched for it, I’ve had Google search it but no luck. 🙁

Since I’ve had so many people asking me for it, I thought I would post the sign that I made.  It isn’t identical but VERY close to the one I originally pinned. Here it is in lots of different years. Just click the one you want and it will open up in a new window without the watermark. If you need it for a year that isn’t below, please let me know in the comments section and I will make it for you. I am also working on one that is editable. My only issue is keeping the font correct, so if you have any ideas on the best way to do that, please let me know.

I hope you enjoy!

1934_logo 1944_with logo 1953_with logojpg 1954_with logo 1955_with logo 1964_with Logo