Halloween Family Movie Nights! Casper and Hocus Pocus

Casper came out when I was in middle school an I loved it!  That is when Christina Ricci was WAY cool and Devon Sawa was WAY cute (even if he only appeared in the film for about 30 seconds).  One of my best friends (then and now) and I used to hole up in our back family room with magazines and candy weekend and summer night after night talking and watching this movie.  That is probably why I could still recite most the movie by heart when I watched it with my kids 16 years later. And I still looked forward to the part when Casper turns into a real boy for only 1/2 of a song and float dances with Cat and says, “Can I keep you?”  AHHHHHH!

As with my most recent ongoing theme, this picture is pretty poor quality and even worse, I didn’t even get a picture of just the treats.  Ugh!

I used caramel apples covered in tissue paper (wrap the apple in wax paper first) and tied with ribbon to resemble the popular lollipop ghosts. Like this:

Hocus Pocus

For this movie night I made witch hat cookies by “gluing” a Hershey Kiss to a fudge stripe cookie with frosting and adding an orange bow.  These cookies were super simple and fit the theme great!  I also made a batch and took them to a Halloween party the next night. They were a big hit!

Family Movie Night: Gulliver’s Travels

I have to just say, there is something that I really like about Jack Black.  He makes me laugh and he plays the “quirky” guy SO well. I have never read the book (ya, I know, I some how bypassed it when in school) so I am not sure how it compares to the book but I thought the movie was cute and the kids really liked it.

Since Gulliver is a giant in his new land, I made lots of mini items for the treat so the kids could feel a little “giant” themselves.

We had mini pizzas, mini pigs in a blanket, mini candy bars, mini chocolate chip cookies (these were my favorite!), mini M & M’s and mini apple pies (those were my hubby’s favorite!).
(Again, I apologize for the bad picture.  It has become very clear to me that I need to find a better place to take pics than my messy counter that leaves a glare.  And maybe I should experiment with my camera to get better pictures.  If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them!)

FMN: The Mask and Tron Legacy

Although I seem to have a hard time finding enough time to post, our movie nights continue on!  I have a lot that we have done that haven’t made it up yet so my goal is to get them up over the next couple of weeks.  They won’t be in order because, well, honestly, I can’t remember when we did some and I was too busy/lazy/etc to get the pics dated. 🙁 Really though, you probably don’t care WHEN they were done as long as you get to see WHAT was done. 😉

Here to start off a marathon of Family Movie Night posts: The Mask and Tron Legacy

The Mask

I apologize in advance for the quality of these pictures.  I took them on my phone and they didn’t turn out too well.  V-Girl had a friend over for this movie night so I made masks for all the kids out of bright green construction paper.

I had the kids face their masks the wrong way. oops!  In the pic below L-Monster has his turned the right way. 🙂

For the treats, I topped cupcakes with yellow frosting and wrapped the base in matching paper that had a black stripe at the bottom. I added a black paper “feather” and sat them on a matching circle to make fedora hats just like Jim Carrey wears in the movie.

The picture is pretty bad but I thought the cupcakes turned out good!

Tron Legacy

It was pretty easy coming up with ideas for this movie since Family Fun Website has a section of treat ideas and printables!

I opted for the Tron Light Cycle Wheelie Pies which were easy to make (this was before Pilsbury came out with a whoopie pie kit which makes it even easier!) and they tasted great.  Except that I put in too much frosting.  When ever the kids complained of the amount of frosting (and that is usually all they eat) I knew I had gone overboard. LOL. ;p

I told the kids to get dressed in all black and then gave them glow sticks and we were set to start the movie!

Family Movie Night: Alpha and Omega & Little Giants

We were able to fit in two movie nights this weekend which the kids, of course, thought was the coolest.  On Friday night, we watched Alpha and Omega.  It is a cute movie about 2 wolves that get relocated from Canada to Idaho and have to try to find their way home.

For the treat, I made wolf cupcakes which I learned how to do from this video.  The cupcakes looked kind of Halloween wolf more than friendly cartoon wolf but they followed the theme well and the kids thought they were cool.  I meant to make them a light gray color but added to much black coloring gel so they were black wolves.

On Saturday night we watched Little Giants.  I wanted to do a football theme since it was Superbowl weekend (which is practically a holiday in our house) and we hadn’t done a football movie yet.  I forgot what a good movie this is – I hadn’t seen it in nearly 20 years (yes, I am getting old!).  The kids really liked the movie and the treats.

To make the treats, make rice krispie treats using this recipe and shape them into footballs.  Dip the tops in chocolate and once the chocolate has set, use white chocolate for the laces and lines.

L-Monster couldn’t have a treat but he was dressed for the occasion! And V-girl has on her hat that we bought at $2.99 sale at Children’s Place and she hasn’t taken off since she got it.  She is even sleeping in it tonight.

Family Movie Night: How to Train a Dragon

How to Train a Dragon was such a cute movie!  We hate friends over to enjoy this movie night with us and all the kids really liked it.

For the treat, I made cupcakes and frosted them into a mound with light brown frosting and I had the kids make viking horns that stuck into the cupcakes.  I found the horns online – I searched again but can no longer find them 🙁 – printed them and then had the kids cut them out and glue them to toothpicks.

I also would have liked to have viking hats for the kids to wear – here is a template – but I ran out of time.  Again.  Oh the joy of babies! lol!

Even without the viking hats, the night was a success!

Family Movie Night: Iron Man 2

I knew that Iron Man 2 was coming out soon so when I saw  this Iron Man candy at the convenient store, I snatched them up and stored them until the DVD release.  I always feel bad when I don’t go to more effort for treats but the kids never care – they just love sugar (in any form!).

For the first Iron Man, I made an arc reactor cake (you can view it here) and printout masks (like the one here).

Family Movie Night: Marmaduke

This movie was only so-so which is a bummer because the kids were REALLY excited to see it. But as V-girl said, “it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be”.

For the treat, I put Cocoa Puffs, Milk Duds and Whoppers in a plastic bowl to look like dog food.  And I cut bones out of chocolate chip cookies.  If I would have planned ahead better I would have bought cheap plastic dog bowls and painted their names on.

V-girl asked that I please point out that she has shorts on. 😉

Family Movie Night: Diary of a Wimpy Kid

My kids were super excited to watch this movie!  They looked up when it was coming to DVD and asked if we could watch it for movie night that week.

I wanted to do something different for a treat – I feel like I always do cookies, cakes and cupcakes – and wanted to make the treat look like a diary.  Well, not a diary, a journal.  I looked at looked at the grocery store and the best thing I came up with was frosted pop tarts.  I used frosting to make the pop tarts look like a journal.  I drew the main character on one side and “writing” on the other.  And of course I had to pair it with a piece of cheese which immediately ignited a “cheese touch” game in our house.

Family Movie Night: Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

For Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief I decided to make lightning bolt cookies and we had Voltage Mountain Dew.

As you can see from my cookies, they didn’t turn out too well. When K-man saw them he thought we were watching a movie about tornadoes.  Again, I used store bought cookie dough and as you know, THAT is the problem.  I think I really need to think about making and freezing the cookie dough so I always have it on hand.

I rolled out the cookie dough and cut each one into the shape of a lightning bolt.  I frosted them with light blue frosting and sprinkled them with blue pop rocks so they would add a little pop and fizz when then kids ate them.

My niece, the Kirsten8or who is was reading the book series and is very into Greek mythology joined us for the evening as did our neighbor Ethan who is very into our movie nights. 🙂