Our Mini Royal Feast for the “Purple Wedding” {Game of Thrones}

Having read the GoT books, I knew what was {hopefully!!} coming in last nights episode and it only seemed right to have a mini feast of our own to celebrate the royal wedding of Joffrey Baratheon to Margaery Tyrell and then the susequent demise of Joffrey {Ding Dong the King is dead…}.

I pulled a couple dishes straight out of the wedding feast in the book for our dinner. Based on these two passages,

“The wedding feast began with a thin leek soup, followed by a salad of green beans, onions, and beets…”


“Hamish left them, his place taken by a smallish elderly bear who danced clumsily to pipe and drum, while the wedding guests ate trout with a crust of crushed almonds.”

we had almond crusted trout and salad of green beans, onions and beets. I was a little skeptical, as were hubby and the kids but both were super good!


For dessert, I REALLY wanted to have pigeon pie but it is impossible to find pigeons here {even duck has to be special ordered} and I didn’t plan ahead far enough in advance so instead we just had pie.  Plain ole’ boring and actually quite delicious Berry Pie. Since we had been camping in a blizzard all weekend, Ms. Marie Calendar helped me out on this one. Funny thing is, I bake so much that the rest of the family just assumed that I made it.  I never told them otherwise – a smart women keeps her secrets. 😉

“My uncle hasn’t eaten his pigeon pie.’ Holding the chalice one-handed, Joff jammed his other into Tyrion’s pie. ‘It’s ill luck not to eat the pie…”


If you are still reveling in Joffrey’s very unheroic death like I am, you might enjoy these other quick reads about last nights episode:

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And if you are really a fanatic {ahem, like me 😉 }, you may enjoy these interviews with the creators {David Benioff and Dan Weiss}, the author {George RR Martin } and King Joffrey himself {Jack Gleason} :

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Game of Thrones, Season 4 Premier Cake

I loved lasts nights episode.  Nothing HUGE happened (there was no Red Wedding type of situation, thank God!) but it clearly set the stage for season 4 and caught us up on our favorite characters.  And how wonderful was it that Arya finally got a little justice and can mark one person off her list?

As I mentioned previously, last night was also the “Name Day” celebration for one of my dear friends and fellow uber fan so we had to have cake! A GoT cake no doubt.  It tasted perfect with spiced wine. 😉


Game of Thrones Season 4 Premier is TODAY!

Have I mentioned how much I love Game of Thrones? Or how excited I am for it to start up again?  Those are rhetorical questions, I KNOW I have mentioned that. At least a time or two. 😉

True to our form, I have been mulling spiced wine in the crock pot all day, we are listening to the GoT soundtrack and I am working on a cake for the Name Day celebration we are having for my good friend Kelly.

But while I wait for the cake to come out of the oven, I thought I would share some family sigils that I created last year for us and a few friends using the Join the Realm Sigil Creator from HBO and picture from our Name Day celebration last year.

For each sigil, I looked up the family crest and if available used the family motto.  If not available, I just used one that I liked. 😉  Ours (Chesney) and my brother, also my maiden name (Knisley) are actual historical mottos. How cool is that?!

Chesney_sigil Behrens_sigil

knisley_sigil   Flenniken_sigil


I also made a facebook cover photo for my personal page!




Last years Name Day celebration for my husband and Kelly (who both have April birthdays) was a lot of fun!

I made a Weirwood cake topper from a incense burner I found at Walmart (then painted of course) and made the cake red velvet (seemed fitting) with cream cheese frosting and pirouette cookies around the edge.


I printed Winterfell beer labels from here and made spiced wine (of course!).


And then printed a few small decorations like these cards from Hero Square .


It was just the four of us so I wanted to keep it festive but still simple!


So what are you doing for the premier of Game of Thrones tonight?  Only 2 more hours!!!


FMN: Avengers

In this house full of boys we LOVE super hero movies – especially Marvel comic ones.  Who am I kidding? Vaeh and I love them too!  So I knew that when Avengers came out on DVD I wanted it to be as epic as possible!

Avengers movie night collage - GreenishPink.com

My niece and nephew used to come over for movies nights often but now that my nephew is 14 and my niece is 12 and they play numerous sports, it doesn’t happen as often.  I was able to lure them over this time though – I just had to use the word “epic” with my niece and the word “food” with my nephew. 😉

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Family Movie Night: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

We had our first movie night of 2014 and started off with a bang! We’ve been making our way through all the X-Men movies but in chronological order of the story line and not the the movie release dates. Can you say geek much? Lol.
In case you wondering, here is the story line order:
X-Men First Class
X-Men Origins: Wolverine
X-Men: The Last Stand
Wolverine 2

It is always easier to plan a movie night for a movie I’ve already seen and even though I hadn’t seen this for about 4 years, I still remembered it well (how can you forget Hugh Jackman running buck naked through a field?). We’ve been planning on doing this movie night series for a while and I knew that I wanted to find a way to incorporate Wolverine’s claws.

After seeming this, I decided to make a cake that had Wolverine’s claws and also looked like it had been slashed.

Here is the final product: 20140103-221704.jpg


For the cake: I made two six inch cakes from a white cake mix, layered them and covered them with white buttercream frosting. I made the wolverine claws from folding 3 layers of duck tape in half (onto itself) and cutting the ends into the shape of his claws.  I stuck the “claws” into the cake and then used a large serving fork dipped in red gel frosting to make the claw marks.  I also splattered a some red gel frosting onto the cake for extra effect.

Here are the kids before we delved into the treat:


Somewhere over the rainbow… FMN: OZ – The Great and Powerful

Tonight’s movie night is Oz: The Great and Powerful!  I am really excited about this movie because I love a lot of the actors in this movie, I like daring and interesting takes on classic stories and my mind was whirling and swirling with fun treat ideas.

Oz: The Great and Powerful Movie Treats- GreenishPink.com Oz: The Great and Powerful - GreenishPink.com

Since I didn’t want the kids on a crazy sugar high any more than a normal movie night, I opted to try and keep it simple and went with Over the Rainbow Cupcakes and Emarld City Punch.  For the cupcakes, I followed the methodology from Chocolate and Carrots but used a plain white cake mix to make it a little easier (although I think her recipe sounds awesome).  And for the punch, I followed a recipe I found at No. 2 Pencil.

I also printed out some masks and activities that I found here.

I found this super cute printable that would be great for so many things. You can get it free here.

Some of the other ideas:
Yellow Brick Road Lemon Squares
Glinda’s Good and Plenty’s
Rainbow Fruit Skewers
Glinda the Good Witch’s Wand

And go HERE to see lots of great Pinterest boards dedicated to all things Oz.

Season Finale of Game of Thrones, season 3

Since tonight is the finale episode of season 3 of Game of Thrones, it only seemed fitting to have a dinner fit for Westeros!

I used this recipe from the awesome Inn at the Crossroads for dinner. For dessert, I made lemon raspberry tarts. Since it was was Sunday and I didn’t want a lot of work, I bought mini tartlets, filled them with lemon pie filling, and topped with raspberries (and  lemon balm from my herb garden). We normally drink spiced wine with every episode but it seemed too hot for hot wine so we stuck with normal wine.

Yummy dinner and dessert! Now, let the Games begin!! 


FMN: Escape from Planet Earth

When I asked the big kids if they had any treat ideas for this movie, K-man immediately said, “slurpee!!”.  Easy AND yummy – sounds perfect to me.  I also made “blue alien popcorn” from this recipe: http://life-should-be-delicious.blogspot.com/2011/07/jello-popcorn.html.

All the kids loved the treats and the movie!

FMN: Captain America

I love it when we find a movie that the kids like and we, the parents, like also.  Now that the older kids are getting tweenish we find movies like that a lot more often.  Captain America was one of those movies! We tend to be fans of comic book movies but this one was a little different because it is set in 1942.  The main character (played by the dreamy Chris Evans) has a lot of heart and good values which I really liked.

We started the night off with pizza that looked like Captain America’s sheild.  I bought a pizza from the super market deli, rearranged the pepperonis and added a few more pepperonis where needed and a star shaped piece of mozzarella. We all thought it turned out pretty good! It didn’t look quite as good after I cooked it but it was still easy to tell what it was.

For dessert we had Bomb Pops but there are SO many possibilities!  Just think of all the different red, white and blue desserts there are for 4th of July… any of those would work great!