Have You Ever Wondered How It’s Made? RPT Makes Aquariums, Marriages and More…

Have you ever wondered how it is made?


Reynolds Polymer makes a lot of great things… Aquarium windows, swimming pool windows, water features, and even marriages. 😉  As many of you may (and many of you may not) know, my husband and I met when we worked together at Reynolds Polymer Technology.  It was my first job out of college and I was the Executive Assistant to the President of the company.  I was pretty excited! And it was a real job… Paid vacation, heath benefits, company email (you know, legit stuff). And they made really cool things!  Like this:

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And this:

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And this:

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Pretty neat right?!

What I didn’t expect was to find, nor was I looking for, a husband. But sure enough, after only a few weeks of working there, a handsome guy walked into my office and introduced himself.  As he left I thought, “He he has a really nice butt. And I really like the way he walks. And he has big arms. He must lift”.

Fast forward 8 or 9 months and although I had hardly talked to him, I felt like I knew him. Whenever his name was brought up, I heard what a good person he was, how hard he worked, how smart he was, how honest, reliable and dependable he was.  People genuinely liked him. And although he was sometimes quick tempered he also had a low tolerance for BS. People really admired him.

It started with me offering him some conversation hearts and a few quick IM’s back and forth (this was still back when you had to press the 4 twice, wait for the cursor to move and then press the 4 three more times just to spell “Hi”) and he asked me out on a date on Friday night. Then Saturday night. And by Sunday, I knew I would marry him. We were engaged three months later and married less than a year after that.

At our wedding, I said this in my speech:

“For those of you that don’t know Mike and I’s “story”, we met at work.  Now I must say that while I was interviewing, I had no idea all the great things Reynolds had to offer. Peter and Jerry mentioned health insurance and paid vacation, but left out husbands when explaining the benefit package. Which is really too bad, because had I known about Mike, I would have probably taken the job for a lot less money.”

It’s true. He was (and still is) by far the best benefit I have ever received – work or otherwise. And had I known at the time of my interview what the future held for me, I would have worked for free!

Mike still works at RPT and has been involved in one part or another of every project shown above.  They make amazing things!

Although Reynolds Polymer makes pretty awesome marriages, that is not their specialty (surprising I know! ha ah). Tune into the science channel tonight (9pm EST) and find out how they make aquarium windows.


I am excited and curious what they will actually show.  RPTs methods, materials and processes are all proprietary so they won’t be able to divulge too much informaiton. There are only a few companies like it in the world and none of them can do the magnitude of projects that Reynolds Polymer does.  It is a pretty big honor to be featured on this show!





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