Game of Thrones: Winterfell Breakfast (err, brinner)

It is the beginning of January, and approximately 85 days until the season 4 premiere (not that I’m counting or anything… ha ha), which marks the beginning of our yearly Game of Thrones viewing! Yay! That gives us about 3 months to fit in the first 3 seasons (aka 30 episodes).

To kick it off this year, I turned to the authority of Game of Thrones food: The Inn at the Crossroads and followed her instructions for a Breakfast at Winterfell.

Breakfast at Winterfell

Just like IATC recommends, I used thick bacon, soft boiled eggs (which I had never had but ended up loving and I am not on a hunt for “egg cups”), and a wedge a sharp cheddar.  For the bread, I bought an uncut fresh sour dough loaf from the bakery.  I wanted it to look a little more “rustic” so I very roughly sliced it and then toasted it in the oven under the broiler.  My only complaint is that I toasted it a little much and it was definitely more crunchy than soft (the thick crust was kind of hard to eat).  We had butter, honey and blackberry jam.

I also made the fish from Tyrion’s Breakfast at Winterfell. The cod isn’t in the picture because even though my husband thought it sounded great and was a necessity for the meal, I though fried fish for a breakfast meal sounded pretty unappetizing. 🙂

I always love breakfast – even for dinner – so I thought this was pretty awesome and very satisfying.

I wish I would have taken a picture of the table.  Although I didn’t go all out (mainly because I was short on time and we were sharing the table with 5 kids) I did put honey, butter and jam in small jars to make it seem a little more authentic along with having everything served in big bowls and sitting on the table.

Just a quick note about Inn at the Crossroads… I am constantly impressed with this site! Not only do they offer recipes that feel like they are straight out of the book, they usually offer a traditional and modern version.  Chelsea includes passages straight from the book to show what the recipe is based on and follows up with the most beautiful pictures! She has a cookbook out and it is already on my wish list. 😉


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