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In this house full of boys we LOVE super hero movies – especially Marvel comic ones.  Who am I kidding? Vaeh and I love them too!  So I knew that when Avengers came out on DVD I wanted it to be as epic as possible!

Avengers movie night collage -

My niece and nephew used to come over for movies nights often but now that my nephew is 14 and my niece is 12 and they play numerous sports, it doesn’t happen as often.  I was able to lure them over this time though – I just had to use the word “epic” with my niece and the word “food” with my nephew. 😉

We had Captain America’s mini shield pizzas (before cooking and after):

Capt America Mini sheild pizzas before cooking  - Capt America mini sheild pizzasa

The mini pizza shield are English muffin pizzas with mini pepperonis an I used a star shaped cookie cutter (like this) to cut a star out of a piece of provolone.

Thor Power Apples and Thor Hammers:

Thor Power Apples  -   Thor Hammers   -

The Thor hammers were made by putting a pretzel stick in a cube of cheese.

Hawkeye Hot Wings and Black Widow Spider Bites:

Hawkeye Hot wings  -   Black widow spider bites   -

To make the spider bites, I melted chocolate in a ziploc bag in the microwave (go in 30 second increments until runny consistency) and then made 4 lines (crossing over each other) and then placed the cookie on top and let it cool. I used Keebler Peanut Butter filled cookies but they make other flavors also. You could also use oreos.  One unplanned but really cool effect my niece discovered is this:

Black widow spider bites2 -


For dessert we had a Hulk SMASH Cake and washed it all down it with Iron Man’s Stark Soda:

Hulk Smash Cake - Stark Soda -

For the cake, I made a one layer white cake with white frosting and coconut, split it apart with a knife and my hands (washed, of course!) and then filled the “crack” with chocolate frosting.  Jagernaut’s favorite superhero is the Hulk so we have lots of Hulk figurines. I picked the best sized one that had movable arms and legs and positioned him so he looked like he was smashing.

When the movie came out the stores were full of cool Avengers merchandise so I bought souvenir cups (one for each hero) and filled them with lots of goodies!

Party Favors -

Avenger Movie Treats -

We also used these plates and napkins (bought from Walmart): Avengers plates and napkins


And to help you throw your own Avengers movie night or birthday party, here are the food tent cards for a free download!  They


Avengers Food Tent Labels with food:

Avenger Food Tent Printables -

Avengers Food Tent Labels, blank with Hero name:

Avenger Food Tent Printable_Hero Names, no food


Avengers Food Tent Labels, blank:

Avenger Food Tent Printable_no names, no food

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