DIY Photo Letter Art

I am taking a break from posting old Family Movie Nights to show you my latest little project!

DIY Photo Letter Art -

I am sure you have seen them all over – the signs that have someone’s name or last name spelled out from different pictures of letters.  After seeing some tutorials like this and this, I got to work finding the perfect letters using this awesome Flickr site.

Once I had the perfect letters, I cropped them 4×6 and printed them, cut them out and put them in my 4×6 frames I bought for 97 cents/each at Walmart.  I also saw some good, cheap frames at Dollar Tree.

I then used hot glue to glue the frames together like this:

back of photo letter name art

Then I glued paint sticks to the back of the frames to add support and also to give the command picture hanging strips something to stick to. I added the command strips and stuck it to the wall and here it is:


DIY Photo Letter Art2 -

DIY Photo Letter Art_full Mantel -

DIY Photo Letter Art -

The whole project cost me $7.00! And took me about 20 minutes after I had the letters picked out. Deciding on which letters to use took me a couple hours but a more decisive personal or someone using only black and white could do that much quicker.

Thanks for stopping by!


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