Halloween Family Movie Nights! Casper and Hocus Pocus

Casper came out when I was in middle school an I loved it!  That is when Christina Ricci was WAY cool and Devon Sawa was WAY cute (even if he only appeared in the film for about 30 seconds).  One of my best friends (then and now) and I used to hole up in our back family room with magazines and candy weekend and summer night after night talking and watching this movie.  That is probably why I could still recite most the movie by heart when I watched it with my kids 16 years later. And I still looked forward to the part when Casper turns into a real boy for only 1/2 of a song and float dances with Cat and says, “Can I keep you?”  AHHHHHH!

As with my most recent ongoing theme, this picture is pretty poor quality and even worse, I didn’t even get a picture of just the treats.  Ugh!

I used caramel apples covered in tissue paper (wrap the apple in wax paper first) and tied with ribbon to resemble the popular lollipop ghosts. Like this:

Hocus Pocus

For this movie night I made witch hat cookies by “gluing” a Hershey Kiss to a fudge stripe cookie with frosting and adding an orange bow.  These cookies were super simple and fit the theme great!  I also made a batch and took them to a Halloween party the next night. They were a big hit!

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