FMN: Captain America

I love it when we find a movie that the kids like and we, the parents, like also.  Now that the older kids are getting tweenish we find movies like that a lot more often.  Captain America was one of those movies! We tend to be fans of comic book movies but this one was a little different because it is set in 1942.  The main character (played by the dreamy Chris Evans) has a lot of heart and good values which I really liked.

We started the night off with pizza that looked like Captain America’s sheild.  I bought a pizza from the super market deli, rearranged the pepperonis and added a few more pepperonis where needed and a star shaped piece of mozzarella. We all thought it turned out pretty good! It didn’t look quite as good after I cooked it but it was still easy to tell what it was.

For dessert we had Bomb Pops but there are SO many possibilities!  Just think of all the different red, white and blue desserts there are for 4th of July… any of those would work great!

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