Family Movie Night: Alpha and Omega & Little Giants

We were able to fit in two movie nights this weekend which the kids, of course, thought was the coolest.  On Friday night, we watched Alpha and Omega.  It is a cute movie about 2 wolves that get relocated from Canada to Idaho and have to try to find their way home.

For the treat, I made wolf cupcakes which I learned how to do from this video.  The cupcakes looked kind of Halloween wolf more than friendly cartoon wolf but they followed the theme well and the kids thought they were cool.  I meant to make them a light gray color but added to much black coloring gel so they were black wolves.

On Saturday night we watched Little Giants.  I wanted to do a football theme since it was Superbowl weekend (which is practically a holiday in our house) and we hadn’t done a football movie yet.  I forgot what a good movie this is – I hadn’t seen it in nearly 20 years (yes, I am getting old!).  The kids really liked the movie and the treats.

To make the treats, make rice krispie treats using this recipe and shape them into footballs.  Dip the tops in chocolate and once the chocolate has set, use white chocolate for the laces and lines.

L-Monster couldn’t have a treat but he was dressed for the occasion! And V-girl has on her hat that we bought at $2.99 sale at Children’s Place and she hasn’t taken off since she got it.  She is even sleeping in it tonight.

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