Yes world, I am still alive. I am still kickin’

So much has happened since I used to write regularly. Life got in the way and I had trouble finding my way to the keyboard for anything besides work and Facebook. I have had a lot people ask what was going on and when I would be back and although I would plan on it soon, it never happened.

I am actually quite ashamed by this. A year ago I had so many hopes on where I wanted this website to go and how I planned on doing that. Then in March 2008 I found out I was pregnant! Woo hoo! And I had so many plans on where I wanted this website to go and how I planned on doing that. But then I got behind and life got in the way and we had baseball and t-ball and softball and soccer and a big growing belly and… I just didn’t know where to start again.

And then L-monster was born in November (2 weeks early which totally threw off my plan and messed this Type A girl all up) and I took 3 months maternity leave. From life. As so many of you have experienced yourself, my days and nights became consumed with feedings and diaper changes and comforting and soothing and trying to run a home that I never even came back. I didn’t even try.

But my 3 month hiatus is over and I am back now! And I have SO much to write about. This Mom thing is a kick!

I want to get back to the basics and talk about natural products and trying to make green choices. And I am WAY behind on movie nights – although we have been doing them faithfully. But I also want to explore some new topics and I may even tread into the messy swamp of steplife – something I have never discussed too openly.

So hello world! It is good to see your bright eyes and beautiful face again! I hope you have missed me and will let me back in!

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