My Dancing Baby

I always joke that the baby is in my belly rockin’ out (this started long before I ever felt him moving – I am just sure he is a party animal). To demonstrate, I usually do a variety of moves that include the “making a pizza” move from Hitch, the “spanking the air” dance move and a move where I act like he grabs the umbilical cord and swings it over his head.

I am not sure why I envision him this way. Maybe because a dark, wet, prenatal living room doesn’t seem that exciting… or maybe I just think my womb is really cool and has a disco ball…

I thought about demonstrating my dancing moves, but I think the below video pretty much sums it up (without causing any embarrassment to myself or others!). “Go baby! Go Baby! It’s your Birthday, have a party!”


One thing is for sure, he likes music… and sugar. I think we will get along just fine!

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